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If you are a student and this is your first visit, you will need a Course Category, Course Name together with a course enrollment key. Click on the Category name on the left of these instructions, then on the course and enrol yourself.

If you are already enrolled, you will see your course(s) listed.


  • Library Resources

    The library catalogue and lists of useful websites are now available to use at home. Follow this link

  • Access Your Net Space

    Teachers and all students are now able to view college resources and their net space from their home computers. The connection is made using software called Ranger Outpost.

    Download Here please

    Once downloaded, you should be able to open the zip, double-click the "Setup Outpost Client" installation program and following the on-screen instructions. A desktop icon for Ranger Outpost will appear, open this and use your usual college logon to access college files.

    Access to a school computer.

    Students can download the henrycort.rdp file and connect from home to a school computer. This will allow you to edit and save document as if you were in school.

    Download Here please henrycort.rdp

    Your user name should be typed as "wensleydale\yourusername"

    Windows XP users will have to login twice.

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